Our Strategy

At Lapora Estates, we believe in sharing our success with our partners. That’s our customers, suppliers and the industry in general.

We choose to build solid long-term partnerships, in favour of brief short-term interactions, ensuring that all parties understand each other’s needs whilst helping to maximise profit. We know that it’s our job to motivate you to work with us, and that’s why our partners return to us time and time again.

If you wish to understand more about our partnership schemes for local agents, investors and builders then please fill out the form on the Contact Us page. If you would like to partner with us as a lead generator, consultant or to focus on property or land acquisitions, then Lapora Estates is the company to work with.

Our Relationships

Our customers and partners

The local and surrounding communities

The suppliers and contractors who build, manage and maintain our assets

Our Operational Expertise

Our in-house experts

Our broad knowledge base and years of experience

The people, systems and insights to interpret information and inform actions

Our Finances

Leverage managed for our current needs and future plans

Diverse and flexible finances with a mix of maturities

Partnerships to mitigate risks, bring expertise and help finance projects, on time and in budget

Our Strategy

Our objective is to deliver sustainable long-term value for all our stakeholders. We do this by creating Better Places People Prefer.

Customer Orientation - Responding to changing lifestyles

  • Customer insight based on a range of information helps us to deliver Places People Prefer
  • Expand the use of technology to reflect its role in the way people work and shop


  • Create places that promote health, productivity and enjoyment, enabling our customers to be more successful

Capital Efficiency - Disciplined use of capital

  • Actively recycle capital to maximise risk-adjusted returns
  • Maintain an appropriate balance of risk in both development exposure and financial leverage


  • Protect and enhance asset value through environmental stewardship, including energy generation and efficiency, materials innovation and flood risk reduction

Right Places - Creating great environments

  • Invest in well-connected places, where there is potential for growth and regeneration
  • Broaden the mix of uses to appeal to a wider range of occupiers and local communities
  • Enhance and enliven our spaces through placemaking
  • Understand and respond to the changing needs of the people who use our spaces


  • Make a positive contribution locally and behave so our places are considered part of their local community
  • Promote social inclusion, interaction and accessibility, embedding our places in their neighbourhoods and local community networks

Expert People - The knowledge and skills to deliver

  • Enhance key skill sets, including in more operational areas
  • Share expertise through collaborative working
  • Promote a diverse and inclusive culture


  • Help local people and businesses to grow
  • Further develop training and development schemes for people at all levels of our organisation

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